There comes a time when you start to miss the food from your childhood, that comfort food which over the years has created beautiful memories for you.
We grew up in the area of Bukovina, close to the mountains, surrounded by forests, hills full of flowers and lot of traditional food — stuffed cabbage rolls or “sarmale”, sausages , fresh cheese, honey and jam. We were lucky to be able to taste the traditional delights from local producers. After all these years of living in Bucharest, we still miss that traditional food with its natural and fresh taste or authentic sweetness.

So, we found the perfect way by which we can recreate those memories , without traveling by train for seven hours to Bukovina. Recently, we discovered 7BUCATE — an online shop that we instantly fell in love with. It has exactly what we needed to bring our childhood food back into our dishes.

The concept is very interesting but especially ingenious. Each month, the shop offers a box full of traditional, organic goodies, collected from local producers. Each box contains products based on milk, meat, goodie like jams, vegetable stew, or honey bees. And that’s not all — so you don’t get bored, every month, the box changes its products just so you can taste their variety of authentic delights. Every day of the month when we open the box from 7BUCATE is like a holiday. You never know what delights will appear and what you will taste.
October was our favorite month – homemade sausages, matured cheese, vegetable stew or blueberry jam — are some of the goodies we tasted. Each box is accompanied by a surprise, so you will be pleasantly surprised with each box bought.

With the cold weather and almost winter knocking on the door, we thought it was the perfect time to start the weekend with a hearty breakfast as our grandparents from countryside made for us when we were little.

What can be more delicious than a traditional breakfast with sausages and scrambled eggs, sourdough bread with beans stew or pancakes with blueberry jam.

I think 7BUCATE is more than a box of traditional organic delights. It’s rather a small box full of memories, that once you open it, brings the smell and taste of childhood into your home — the comfort food that reaches your soul.

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