It’s never a bad time for a food-themed sneaker. While you might not usually associate your food with your footwear, we are doing it all the time. You will think that food and sneaker pairings might sound odd, but we assure you that not only they can work, but they are connected.

Our “Food & Sneakers” project starts this year with a tasty collaboration with Hello There Vintage Shop, a perfect way to celebrate edible delights and vintage sneakers.

Set amidst today’s landscape of mass market sameness, Hello There Vintage shop is a delightful oasis of unique, one-of-a-kind and must-haves. Each piece of their fabulous finds has been hand-picked with an eye on design and a taste for style. The result is an ever-changing and affordable selection of inspired classic, historic and well designed discoveries — rare sneakers for freakers, lost home decor pieces, memorabilia and collectables.

If you’re hungry for some vintage sneakers, you came to the right place, most of the pair are from the 90’s, early 2000, while some of them are deadstock.

So let’s cook some sneakers, shell we?

#Adidas Carnival Lace, “Pasta crafting”

Made in China back in 90’s

Condition: DS (deadstock)

Adidas Carnival Lace

#Adidas Chile soccer boots, “Spice it up”

Made in West Germany back in 70’s

Adidas Chile soccer boots

#Nike Air Visi Mazy, “Back to the roots”

Made in China back in 2002

Condition: DS (deadstock) 

Nike Air Visi Mazy

#Nike Shox Turbo 9 SL, “Chef’s table”

Made in Vietnam back in 2009

Condition: DS (deadstock) 

Nike Shox Turbo 9 SL

#Asics Gel Tiger PAW, “All about green”

Made in China back in 1996

Condition: DS (deadstock) 

Asics Gel Tiger PAW

#Nike Tiempo 750, “Chocolate cookies”

Made in Vietnam back in 2002

Nike Tiempo 750

#Adidas Equipment Running LiteStrike, “Tea o’clock”

Made in Vietnam back in 2008

Adidas Equipment Running

#Adidas Bern – part of the European city series, “Shopping bag”

Made in West Germany back in 70’s

Adidas Bern

#Nike Cortez III leather, “Breakfast”

Made in Indonesia back in 90’s

Nike Cortez III leather

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